On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

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On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson photographs executives and entrepreneurs all through New Jersey, Manhattan, and Buck County. One to over two hundred executives in a single day is a typical day. Whether it’s your office, foyer, boardroom, or outside your building or at a park, he will

Why YOU Should Have a Corporate Headshot Taken

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There are many reasons why you should have a corporate headshot taken. A new corporate headshot is like having your hair highlighted or a new hair cut that you are happy with. A new executive headshot is like a new suit, new shoes, a fancy dinner, it just makes you

New Jersey Corporate Photographer – Jersey City Headshots

I’ve been all around New Jersey taking corporate headshots of executives the last few weeks. Setting up in offices all over Jersey City to a living room of a client’s home in Red Bank.  Not much room is needed to set up my lighting or any of my many backdrop

Tips on what to look for when hiring a corporate headshot photographer

Below are some tips for hiring a profession corporate portrait photographer.  Make sure that the photographer has a lot of variety in their portfolio and they’ve captured a style that you are looking for. Make the the retouching on the faces look natural and that basic blemishes were removed.  Many