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Business Portraits

Secaucus Headshot Photographer

Secaucus Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson specializes in on-location business portraits. One executive to a few hundred in a day, there isn’t a job to big or small. He will set up in your office, even if it’s a home office. Professional lighting, the backdrop will all be used to capture impactful images.

Secaucus Corporate Headshot Photographer

When searching for a Secaucus corporate headshot photographer, make sure they specialize in executive portraits. A baby or family portrait photographer has a different skill set than one that specializes in business portraits. Furthermore, make sure they have the type of images that you desire. For instance, if you need an elaborate session for an annual report, make sure their website has more than traditional headshots. Rob Wilson Photography can produce a power headshot to an outstanding intricate executive portrait.

Hudson County Executive Portraits

As some would call them executive portraits, business portraits are two different types of corporate photography. Below are samples of what we call business portraits. They are typically more elaborate than a corporate headshot. Often these types of photographs are three-quarter in length. Mean they aren’t ahead and shoulders crop like headshots are. Take a look for yourself.

What Seems to be Simple at First Glance

A corporate headshot often seems simple at first glance. However, there are many subtle techniques involved to make it scream confidence. Lighting is one of the factors that help make executive portraits more than just a picture. Furthermore, posing is also playing a big role in this. A slight lean forward, perhaps to the side, Rembrandt lighting, will all help make your headshot to be impactful.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when hiring a photographer to take your Secaucus executive portraits. For more information, call (800) 757-3491, email or fill out the form below.