New Jersey Headshot Photographer

New Jersey Headshot Photographer

Headshot Photography NJ

Rob Wilson is a New Jersey Headshot Photographer. Every business, and everyone in it is unique. That’s why every portrait is posed and lit to capture the essence of the individual. Rob Wilson specializes in  NJ Headshot Photography. He’ll work with you discuss the image you’re trying to portray—whether it’s warm and fuzzy, strictly business or somewhere in between. Not sure what you need? He will have a few basic questions that will help figure it out. Take a look at the New Jersey Headshot Photography gallery below and see the results for yourself.

There are times when a studio background just doesn’t cut it. As a result, we will remove the backdrop that we photographed you on and replace it either with a part of your office that we took the same day or one of the stock backgrounds that we have. Some of these were taken with the natural environment and some we altered in post-processing. Either way, it leads to a stunning image.

A Day of New Jersey Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography NJ

Business Portraits are more elaborate than your conventional corporate headshots. Executive business portraits are usually three-quarters to full length and have a background that’s not studio. Furthermore, there are times when you want your team to have individual business portraits instead of a headshot day. The images below are business portraits captured over three days and two weeks to help with scheduling. We travel all over New Jersey and out of state to capture our company headshots and executive portraits. New Jersey Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson is ready to photograph your team. 

Multi-day  Staff Headshot Session in New New Jersey

New Jersey Headshot Photographer

There are times when you need to photograph the whole staff. Multi-day headshot sessions are a great way to get this accomplished. Because of logistic reasons, it’s often tough to schedule everyone on the same day or even the same week. As a result, we offer multi-day business portrait sessions to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Below images that we captured over a few days of headshot days. Rob Wilson is a New Jersey headshot photographer specializing in helping individuals and companies enhance their brand. 


New Jersey Financial Firm Headshots

New Jersey Headshots

A New Jersey-based financial firm hired us to take their NJ headshots along with various team portraits. Since UBS is a busy firm, we didn’t have much time; however, that didn’t stop us from creating impactful business portraits and headshots. A photographer should be able to develop a rapport quickly and, as a result, capture natural-looking headshots. 

New Jersey Headshot Photographer
New Jersey Headshot Photographer

Stand Out with Candid’s and Team Photos

NJ Headshot Photography

Another Professional firm hired Rob for their headshots in their New Jersey corporate office. Rob Wilson Photography has been photographing their team for the past five years. From individual corporate portraits, candid’s to team group photos. New Jersey Headshot photographer Rob Wilson is ready to photograph your team. He will compose the images so it compliments your marketing needs.

This client wanted these images mostly to make their new website more impactful.

New Jersey Headshot Photogarapher
commercial photographer
New Jersey Headshot Photographer
Commercial Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words | What does yours say about you?

Professional Headshots NJ

Whether it’s your website, business card, or LinkedIn profile, making the right impression can make all the difference. Your business portrait represents you and your business. He’ll work with you to capture just the right image. And he can do it right in the office. Furthermore, your conference room, lounge, or reception area can quickly become a professional studio. He will shoot publicity portraits or headshots of your team. All the portraits you select are retouched and enhanced to meet your needs. Once this is done, the portraits are yours to use anywhere.

Headshot Photography NJ

New Jersey Headshot Photographer

New Jersey Headshot Photographer

At times, a headshot or a business portrait isn’t enough. With that being said, Rob Wilson Photography is also the go-to NJ corporate videographer. From impactful explainer video testimonials to more elaborate interview settings where you only hear the subject talk on camera, we will help you get your message across. 

A corporate video is a great tool to put a more personal touch on your business’ marketing. Whether it’s for your social media, website, or both, it’s an impactful way for potential clients to get to know you. From interviews with the CEO to your team in action, this type of videography can offer you a more personable approach that will give your business an advantage over your competitor. Ensuring that this vital project is left to a professional corporate videographer will mean that your business’ video meets your company’s culture.

Artistic Footage and Editing

We have you covered, from drone footage to hand-held camera interviews. Transitioning from the subject to b-roll footage that we will capture, along with flattering lighting, we will produce a video that you will be proud to put on your social media profiles and website. Think of Rob Wilson Photography for all your New Jersey videography needs.

New Jersey Professional Headshots, NJ Corporate Videos and Websites

Rob Wilson Photography offers NJ headshots and video collections for clients who decide they want it all. Furthermore, do you need a new website? Our parent company Five Star SEO can help you with that. We call this our triple threat. Our clients appreciate that they can have one person to care for all of their marketing needs. Above all, you will have seamless results from photography, video to web design.

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    Build Brand Trust and Credibility With New Jersey Headshots and Corporate Videography

    Rob Wilson, specializing in New Jersey Headshots and NJ Corporate Videography

    Suppose you use the headshots online; your customers and connections will also know what to expect when visiting your business. As long as your photos are up-to-date, they’ll acknowledge you and your employees right away.

    Headshots NJ

    They may feel a sense of intimacy with your business before you even meet them!

    When your clients, clients, and business connections see you and your employees’ NJ Headshot, it may help you build trust with them.

    You’re putting a face to a name. People are more likely to trust individuals than to trust large business entities that are otherwise faceless. In other words, you’re giving your business a personality by letting your employees shine. Contact us if you are in need of New Jersey executive business portraits.

    Employees Can Benefit from Headshot Photography

    New Jersey headshots aren’t only great for your business as a whole. They also benefit your employees individually.

    When your employees have headshots, they’ll use them on their LinkedIn and other professional social media pages. This makes it easier for them to network and work on their professional development. 

    They’ll also feel more appreciated by you as an employer if you spend money on professional headshots. It’s a massive perk. Contact New Jersey Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson.

    Headshots New Jersey

    When it’s time for you to set up a photoshoot day for your New Jersey professional headshots, make sure that you give your employees plenty of time to prepare. Ideally, the photoshoot day should be paid time for your employees to encourage all of them to attend. After all, who doesn’t like free professional headshots?

    A headshot photography day is excellent for the company’s morale. Give your employees instructions about what to wear and present themselves overall. If you’re unsure what will look good in photos, don’t hesitate to ask your professional NJ headshot photographer for help. 

    Not all business portraits are alike. Any good corporate photographer will be able to capture the essence of both your employees and your business. While you can offer some guidance, trust your photographer to make your employees shine.

    Encourage your employees to relax and have fun with the shoot. If you have any specific requests regarding group or team photos, let your photographer know so they can take care of everything you need.

    Don’t worry about the background. Any good photographer will provide an excellent experience for your corporate headshots, so you don’t have to sit in a boring studio or look at a messy office behind the portraits. 

    Get the CEO Treatment from your New Jersey Headshot Photographer

    So what about your photos? Yes, you can get the same headshot style as your employees, but you can also gift yourself a better experience as the CEO. 

    Get your own extensive CEO headshot photography session so the photographer can capture you and what you bring to the company. Spare no expense; you’ll be able to use these photos for your website, your social media pages, and more.  

    You Deserve Headshot Photography

    These days, professional headshots are essential. They’ll help you build brand trust, make your business more recognizable, make your employees seem friendlier and more approachable, and make your employees feel more valued. Furthermore, it’s convenient having a corporate headshot photographer that comes to them. 

    You deserve to have high-quality Headshots

    Are you looking for an experienced photographer for your next corporate headshot session in New Jersey? Rob Wilson wants to help! Contact your NJ Headshot Photographer so we can plan and set up your photoshoot today. Contact the headshot photography specialist, call (800) 757-3491 or fill out the for below. 


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