Getting Your Business Noticed with Professional Videos

professional video

New Jersey Corporate Videographer

Video is a great marketing tool for businesses today.  A professional video will captivate your audience, allowing you to highlight the advantages of your service, hear from key members of the team, and even have a video customer testimonial.  Creating a video adds a personal touch to your business that will captivate customers and prospects, grabbing their attention and holding it as they learn more about your business’ offerings.  When added to your website, videos have been proven to improve the time spent on your site, as many will watch through the entirety of a well-compiled video that offers information and entertainment.

Leaving Your Business Videography to the Professionals

While your video can be completed in-house this will show in the final quality, from the script and camerawork to the amateur editing.  It is best to invest in a professional videographer to shoot and edit the video.  This is a financial investment, but once completed you will have a quality product that can be used in your marketing for many years to come.  An experienced videographer can help you to craft the most effective story line for your video.  From a tour of your facility to an interview with the owner of the business, a professional video is a great way to establish credibility with your audience. 

Using Your Business’ Video on the Website and Beyond

Once the video has been created, you will want to make it immediately accessible from your web site.  Videos on the home page of a site are eye catching and significantly improve the amount of time that a visitor spends on your website.  Make sure that the video is visible as soon as someone comes to your website.  You may even want the video to begin playing as soon as the page loads.  

The outreach for your business’ video can extend beyond your website.  You will want to have the video listed on YouTube.  By adding your video to YouTube, it will be searchable on their site and the internet.  To do this, you may want to create a business YouTube channel.  This, and any other videos that you create down the road, can then be added to the channel.  Having a channel allows customers and prospects to subscribe, which means that they will get updates every time you add a new video.  

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are another good place to post any professional videos for your website.  Many social media sites have a section on the business listing to upload videos.  You can also provide a link to the video in a post, directing your audience back to your website.

Leave Your Business Videos to the Professionals

The team at Rob Wilson Photography  can help create the most effective videos for your business.  From assisting with the script and story line, to shooting and editing the finished product, the Rob Wilson Photographer team will deliver a finished product that can take your business’ marketing to a whole new level.