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Our NJ Business Headshots are an Innovative Marketing Tool

Specializing in New Jersey Business Headshots

Rob Wilson specializes in New Jersey business headshots and videography. He uses his decades of experience to provide businesses with quality executive portraits and stunning videography. Whether it’s on location  in New Jersey, or our studio in Freehold,  he will capture a headshot to that compliments your personal brand. He can get your company the photographic and corporate video results you need to take your team to the next level. Trusting all your  executive portraits and corporate videography to Rob Wilson, you can be sure that you are getting the very best. Consider having  professional portraits for your entire team! 

Meet Rob Wilson New Jersey Business Photographer and Videographer

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Based in New Jersey, our team excels in corporate photography and videography, and extends our expertise to content creation. We offer a range of affordable packages tailored to meet your needs, from professional headshots and website videos to regular content updates for businesses of various sizes.


From our New Jersey head services to our corporate video and drone photography, we can capture all of your corporate media needs.


NJ professional Headhots

Every establishment, and everyone in it is unique. We will work with you discuss the image you’re trying to portray. Whether it’s warm and fuzzy, strictly business or somewhere in between, we have you covered.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Video

NJ Corporate Photography and Video Services

 From interviews with the President to watching your team in action, Professional videography can offer you the more personable approach. As a result, giving businesses an edge over your competition. 

Video Production


New Jersey Commercial Photographer

During the evolution of digital marketing, companies no longer want to use stock photos for their websites. Instead, they have images that once were stock photos created of their team member. 

Commercial Photography

Drone Photography

New Jersey Drone Photographer

Drone footage is a unique way to incorporate photography & video into your  marketing. Rob is a Certified FAA Part 107 drone pilot & will capture both stills and videos to make an impactful presentation.

Drone Photography

Corporate Photography

Boost your online presence With An Executive Business Headshot

Your greatest asset is the people on your team.  From the top executive tier to your management team, these are the people that represent your brand.  In addition, having headshots taken are a great way to focus on this aspect of your business.  Rob Wilson can make your professional portraits with your team a reality.  Take your professional image to the next level.

Build brand recognition

business headshots njAn image doesn’t just speak a thousand words; in professional representation, it communicates millions. The significance of a quality headshot cannot be overstated, perfectly captured by the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” But have you considered the impact a headshot can have on your professional trajectory? Increasingly, companies are incorporating our employee portraits into their marketing collateral. In the current competitive landscape, customers appreciate being able to associate a face with a name when engaging with a business. A well-crafted portrait can make a powerful statement. Does your professional headshot send the desired message?

New Jersey Business Portraits
New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer
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The Importance of a professional headshot

Elevate Your Professional Image with Rob Wilson Photography’s Business Headshots

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NJ Corporate Headshots

Getting Your Business Noticed with Professional Videos

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professional video

Make a strong first impression

Business Headshots NJ

If you already have a successful business, the idea of paying for headshots might seem absurd. Why would you bother getting  headshot photography services? Couldn’t you use pre-existing photos or old photo? 

These are a few benefits of getting new photos for yourself and your employees. 

Brand Trust, Credibility – Headshot Photographer

When your clients, customers, and other connections see you and your employees’  business headshots, it may help you build trust with them. 

You’re putting a face to a name. People are more likely to trust individuals than to trust large  entities that are otherwise faceless. In other words, you’re giving your business a personality by letting your employees shine. 

Suppose you use the headshots online (tip: you should!), your customers, clients, and connections will also know what to expect when they visit your business. As long as your photos are up-to-date, they’ll recognize you and your employees right away. 

Whether it’s at our studio or on-location, think Rob Wilson Photography

They may feel a sense of familiarity with you before you even meet them!

Business Headshots NJ and Beyond

New Jersey Headshot Photography at Trade Shows

New Jersey Trade Show Photographer
New York Trade Show Photographer

Companies find that having corporate photography at a trade show is a way to add substance. Furthermore, it’s often one of the more attractive booths at the trade show. As a result, vendors like to have their booths by the headshot station.

Our NJ Headshots are an Innovative Marketing Tool

A headshot station adds value to your event. As a matter of fact, it is also an innovative marketing tool for trade shows. In addition, attendees enjoy the benefit of having a complimentary headshot. In addition, they will think of your tradeshow every time they look at their  business portrait.

To further entice attendees to a convention, you need to offer top-notch exhibitors and additional services to stand out truly. With this being said, professional headshots are a natural fit for attendee offerings. Furthermore, the attendee will have had the opportunity to peruse the many exhibitors and leave with a headshot taken by a  corporate photographer.

New Jersey Branding Sessions and Team Portraits 

Business Headshots NJ

As an NJ corporate headshot photographer, we know that getting the whole team under the same roof is challenging. As a result, we often are at in-person meetings. These meetings are often quarterly or annually. In addition, companies hire us for the day for a headshot day. Additionally, you will have content to put on your website, in addition to social media profiles.

NJ Executive Business Portraits

Establish credibility

High-quality headshots can help you establish credibility and trust with your audience. It shows that you're a real person and that you're serious about your work.

At times clients need a variety of executive headshots. Many call these branding sessions. We take a wide range of headshot images to get different looks. Additionally, our clients use these pictures for many various reasons. Traditional print marketing, social media platforms to email signatures. With that being said, one go-to picture is no longer sufficient. If you are searching for a company that specializes in New Jersey business headshots, then look no further. Contact us today.

New Jersey Business Headshots

Company Picture Day - Business Headshots New Jersey

Having headshots taken is a great way to have your whole team photographed. Many businesses schedule a branding shoot day during weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings. Furthermore, it’s a perfect time to take an entire team photo. Contact us when you are ready to have a  headshot day.