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New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson specializes in New Jersey Business Portraits and Event Photography. Our  Executive Business Portrait Photographer covers New Jersey, Manhattan, and Bucks County. Please Take The Opportunity To Browse Our NJ Executive Portrait Photographer Webiste. Contact Us If You Have Any Questions.


NJ Executive Headshots

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, What does yours say about you? Rob Wilson  is a New Jersey Business Headshot Photographer. Whether it’s your website, business card or LinkedIn profile, making the right impression can make all the difference. Your business portrait represents you and your business. He will work with you to capture just the right image. And we can do it right in the office. Your conference room, lounge or reception area can quickly become a professional studio. He will shoot publicity portraits or headshots of you and any of your colleagues. All of the portraits you select will be retouched and enhanced to meet your needs. The portraits are yours to use anywhere.

Business Portraits in New Jersey New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

Rob Wilson is a New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer. He captures executive business portraits all throughout New Jersey. We are also the go-to New Jersey corporate event photographer. For your convenience we are an on location NJ business portrait photographer. Rob will come to your office and photograph anywhere from one to over two hundred executives in one day. We work with all size businesses. From the one person consulting firm to companies like Verizon, PwC, GE Healthcare, Cintas, and UBS Financials; there isn’t any job too small or too big. Rob Wilson is available for both destination editorial and corporate headshot photo shoots. 

New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

New Jersey Business Portraits

We photograph our New Jersey business portraits for all sized businesses and corporations throughout New Jersey. Regardless of the size and type of business, companies rehire us because they have the confidence that we can do a consistent job. As a result, we are often hired back by the same companies time after time. 

Rob has photographed 200 people in one day for GE Healthcare. Although, most of our New Jersey Headshots are of fifteen to thirty people. However, we can handle more than two hundred if there is an even flow of people coming into the headshot room throughout the day.

Business Portrait Photographers New Jersey

Often these corporations need a specific format for the business portrait file to fit either on their website or internal system. We can accommodate any dimension and size file that your company needs. It’s best to let us know your company’s guidelines are before we take the corporate headshots. However, we do leave enough room to be able to do whatever our clients want. 

The Finishing FAQS

On Location New Jersey Executive Headshot Photographer

Rob photographs all of his executives and entrepreneurs on location. We bring  professional lighting to  everyNJ Executive Portrait Photographer apppointment. Furthmore, he brings compact lighting and he can do whatever type of lighting that makes the most sense for your NJ Executive Portrait Photographer. You won’t see any of our portrait with “flat” lighting. You can’t have a great headshot without great lighting. Lighting is as important as the clothing you are wearing to the expression on your face. We are the NJ corporate headshot photographer that can help you with your personal brand. We go out to photograph one person and have photographed over two hundred executives in one day.

New Jersey Executive Portrait Photographer

Ask many questions from your New Jersey Corproate Headshot Photographer. Furthermore,  ask for referrals to makeNJ Business Portraits sure that the headshot photographer that you hire can handle the task that’s involved. Also, make sure that they bring professional lighting and a variety of backdrops. If you have many people to photograph, and often it’s a unique opportunity because of logistics, you want it done right. Rob Wilson  travels with state of the art lighting equipment and cameras. As a result, you the final images will result with the best possible outcome. Furthermore, the images will be both retouched and cropped to your specifcations. Let us be your New Jersey Executive Portrait Photographer

Headshot FAQS

Do you have a studio so we can come to you or do you come to us?

We are an on-location New Jersey headshot photographer that also travels to Bucks County and New York. The reason for this is that there isn’t enough business in any one location. By us going to our clients we can cast a larger net and serve more people and help them with both their company and personal brand. As a result, we travel all over New Jersey, New York, and Bucks County. 

Do you use professional lighting?

Ofcourse! Lighting is important. Many New Jersey corporate headshot photographers call themselves available light photographers. The reason for this is because it’s hard to become a master at lighting. Lighting isn’t a one sized fits all formula. Lighting often depends upon what you do for a living, your facial structure and what kind of impact you want to portray. As a result, your NJ business portrait will have more impact than most. 

How much room do you need to set up?

We don’t need much room. Our lighting is both powerful and compact. We never walked into a room and weren’t able to do an exceptional job. We will make sure you are happy with your NJ Corporate Headshot before we leave.

More Info

How many pictures do you take?

It depends on your style. Some of our clients need something more elaborate, and we will take portraits with different expressions, clothing attire, and lighting techniques. Other times we are photographing a hundred or more people in one day, and we will take around 10-15 images. Often, people who photograph well don’t need as many images compared to those who hate getting pictures taken of themselves. Regardless of where you fall in, we will make sure we capture a fantastic portrait of you and your staff.

What should I wear?

We created a page with that information. Click here for some clothing trips. 

Are the images retouched?

The images that you choose are retouched. Examples of areas we retouch are puffiness under the eyes, whiter teeth, under the chin, stray hairs, blemishes, and we can even make you look a little thinner if you like.

Will you crop them specific dimensions for our company's website?

Yes! In fact you will receive one full framed image. Often web-designers like this so they can crop the image anyway they like. We will also crop a version with the dimension that you need and one so you can use for LinkedIn. As a result, your web-designer or NJ Corporate Headshots won’t be compromised by poor cropping. 

New Jersey Business Portraits

NJ Business Portraits

Take a look at our New Jersey Corporate Headshot Blog. We blog about a wide range of topics regarding business portraits. From what to wear to different ways executives use their business portraits. Click here to access our New Jersey Business Portraits blog.

New Jersey Corporate Event Photographer

From a company picnic or a black-tie event, there’s no corporate event that’s too big or too small. We have a budget to fit every company’s needs. For over fifteen years Rob Wilson has been photographing corporate events in New Jersey, New York City, and Bucks County. Furthermore, when the details matter Rob Wilson Photography is the company for you. Capturing the details to the spontaneous expressions on the faces of the guests, NJ Executive Portrait Photographer Rob Wilson will make sure your event will be captured and he will anticipate the moments to capture the memories. You will  find him where the action is and that’s the reasons why he is one of New Jersey’s most requested event photographer.

New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

Headshot Compilation

NJ Corporate Headhshot Photographer

A picture speaks a thousand words but your professional business portrait speaks a million words. The value of aBusiness Portraits in New Jersey corporate head-shot is undisputed, as best described by the adage “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Did you also know the value a corporate portriat can add to your business and professional career? More and more businesses are including our NJ executive portraits of their employees in their marketing materials. In today’s competitive business environment, customers want to put a face with the name when doing business with a company. Your professional business portrait  can speak volumes. Are you conveying the right message in your professional portrait?

New Jersey Business Portraits

Your marketing message changes depending on the audience, delivery tool, and more. Similarly, your NJ executive portrait should change based on this. 

One go-to executive portrait is no longer sufficient. The most successful business executives use theirNJ Corporate Executives professional image as a marketing tool that evolves for their audience and message. A good NJ Executive Portrait Photographer can capture the essence of a business executive, portraying a variety of feelings from power and authority to kindness and understanding. Furthermore, by having a variety of executive portraits to choose from, you can put together the most effective marketing items every time.

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Are you looking for photographer for Business Portraits in New Jersey? We would be happy to discuss the best professional head-shot options for you. Contact us by calling 800-757-3491 or click HERE for to email us. 

Headshots for LinkedIn

Many of our clients need that New Jersey Corporate Headshot that stands out on LinkedIn. When Rob photographs hisNew Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer session, he has this in mind. A LinkedIn profile picture needs to pop when people are viewing it at a small size. A profile corporate headshot will often be different than a business portrait on a website. Two different mediums and your executive portrait should be treated as so.

New Jersey Trade Show Headshot Photographer

executive photosRob Wilson Photography is also your go-to Trade Show corporate headshot photographer. We photograph our business portraits in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the country! Need a photographer for your trade show? Contact Rob Wilson Photography today!

Team Corporate Portraits

While you have your team’s business portrait taken, consider having your team or teams photographed. Team portraits are great for your company’s website, social media posts, newsletters, email marketing, and any other type of marketing. Whether it’s outside, a studio background, or your office as a background, we will make sure we get just the right image.

New Jersey Business Portraits 

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