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Rob Wilson Photography Offers Commercial Realtors
Aerial Photography and Videography for Marketing and Documentary Use

New Jersey – Rob Wilson, of Rob Wilson Photography, recently received his FAA Drone Certificate.  This certificate, which was received upon the conclusion of the FAA Part 107 test, allows Rob Wilson Photography to offer aerial stills and video to commercial businesses.  Ideal for commercial real estate businesses and property management companies, this edited drone footage allows potential clients to get an excellent perspective on the property, with a truly unique marketing twist.

Incorporating drone footage, whether still photos or a video compilation, into your commercial real estate’s marketing plan will go a long way to differentiating you from other firms in the area.  The footage that a drone can obtain is a perspective that can really capture the essence of a property, bringing even still photos to life through this unique approach.

Being able to offer these marketing tools to local commercial realtors and property management companies is an exciting opportunity for these businesses in the local area. Rob Wilson Photography, Owner and Operator, Rob Wilson, spoke about this new endeavor, “Having worked with realtors for many years, I was able to see the unique opportunity that photography and videography from the air could offer. I’m looking forward to taking more of a cinematic approach with our aerial videos. By receiving the FAA Done Certificate, we are now able to offer this type of quality footage to clients, helping them to stand out through their photography and marketing efforts.”



Rob Wilson Photography, certified FAA Part 107 drone pilot offers commercial photography and videography for real estate businesses and property management companies.  The company is certified by the FAA to provide this type of commercial footage using drone devices.

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