NYC Executive Headshots

NYC Corporate Headshot Photographer

NYC Executive Portraits

Rob Wilson Photography specializes in NYC executive headshots. He’s worked with all sized businesses, from the one-person consulting firm to Fortune 100 companies. Are you in need a NYC corporate headshot photographer? Take a look at some of our work to see if we are the right fit for your next project.

NYC Corporate Headshot Photographer

As an NYC corporate headshot photographer for over twenty years, Rob has had the privilege to work with many wonderful executives. Interns to CEOs, Rob will make sure that you are giving off an excellent first impression. Everyone may not be on the same level in their career. However, that doesn’t mean their executive portraits have to show that. 

His NYC business portraits are captured on-location. He will set up in your office unless you opt to have your photographs taken outside. There are times where you will want them both inside and out. 

NYC Business Portraits

His business portraits are used for a variety of reasons. LinkedIn, email signatures, social media, website, billboards are some of the mediums where you may display your NYC business portraits. After all, there is nothing more important than a great first impression. Furthermore, a discussion on what to wear will be one of the topics that we discuss. As a result, this will help get just the right look. 

The Right Look for your NYC Executive Portraits

Posing seems simple at first glance. However, there are so many subtle adjustments that result in business portraits that portray confidence. For instance, a slight lean forward and to the side, along with great lighting, will result in a superior image. 

Contact Rob Wilson Photography if you are in search of a NYC Corporate headshot photographer. He will capture you an executive portrait that stands out from the others. Call (800) 757-3491, email or fill out the form below.