On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson photographs executives and entrepreneurs all through New Jersey, Manhattan, and Buck County. One to over two hundred executives in a single day is a typical day.

Whether it’s your office, foyer, boardroom, or outside your building or at a park, he will capture a variety of images. As a result, you will be able to use it throughout your marketing campaigns.  

The Convenience

Being an On-Location New Jersey Corporate headshot photographer is convenient for companies just like yours. Rob comes to you; as a result, your employees won’t have to track out in the heat, rain, cold, or snow. Instead, Rob will. With state of the art equipment, he doesn’t need much room to set up a portable studio inside of your business. Even a small room will end with striking results. 

The Game Plan

Terrific lighting and a photographer that can put his subjects at ease is the formula for a phenomenal New Jersey corporate headshot. Furthermore, Rob will help you with your clothing attire, makeup, and jewelry suggestions, and many other details that will result in a stellar corporate headshot. Also, he discusses the best options for backgrounds, which can be traditional or contemporary.


The Result

Below are images of the final results of some of Rob’s favorite On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot photography. Nobody will ever know that they were taken in your office. Furthermore, you will finally have an image for your email signature, company’s website, a LinkedIn photo that you will be proud of. 

About Rob Wilson

Rob has been specializing in corporate headshots for over fifteen years. Originally a family portrait photographer, Rob’s passion quickly became helping people and companies with their brand. He works with the individual entrepreneur to of the largest companies in NJ. Such as Merck, JNJ, eTrade, UBS, and the corporations goes on. No job is too small or too big. Rob Wilson will make sure that your corporate headshot will separate you from the others on social media sites such as LinkedIn. 

Contact Your On-Location New Jersey Corporate Headshot Photographer

Contact Rob from Rob Wilson Photography by calling 800-757-3491, email rob@rwilsonphotography.com or fill out the form below. We can’t wait to get started. 

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