This is what I hear the most from potential clients. “I just need a headshot for LinkedIn.”  This always gives me a smile.  Just LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a place where recruiters cluster, where your next big opportunity is “stalking” you, and where you can stay in front of past and potential clients every single day. Just LinkedIn you speak?  Because of the organic reach on LinkedIn, it very well might be the most remarkable place to be. What do I mean by organic reach?  When you post something on LinkedIn your post will get a lot of attention without spending a dime. Facebook business page used to be like this many years ago, but unless you pay, only a few people are going to see what you have to say. Furthermore, these Facebook reaches probably are mostly friends and not the reach you are striving for.

Headshots For LinkedIn

If you have read some of my blog posts in the past then you will know how your second-degree contacts often are more effective than your first degree. The reason for this, without getting off topic, is because you already share the same network with your first-degree connections. These connections are typically friends and family. People who already know about you. LinkedIn is the best way for people that don’t know you to organically find out about you. This is of course if you are putting out some exceptional content.  

Have You Noticed Bad Profiles On LinkedIn

I’m sure you have and so have others. This is why it’s imperative to step up your personal branding. One of the ways of doing this is to have a professional business portrait taken. Clients are usually surprised by the attention their new headshot gets.  Think of your business portrait as your personal logo. In our digital world, it’s how people will see you for the first time. As stated in a recent blog post I read, “While a book should not be judged by its cover, many people are unlikely to read it if it is not inviting.” This is how you should feel about your professional headshot. You can have the right credentials but if your first impression is questionable that might be all it takes for you not to be taken seriously. Everything matters in today’s competitive business world.

LinkedIN Headshot Headshots for LinkedIn