The Corporate Headshot Business

The Corporate Headshot Business

The Corporate Headshot Business

The corporate headshot business is thankfully busier than ever. Most corporations allow outside vendors inside their buildings, which is excellent news for business headshot photographers like myself. Over the last year, I’ve been going to my client’s homes to capture their headshots since they worked remotely. 

I have had some exciting shoots throughout the year. These executive business portraits were taken in downtowns such as Sommerville, Summit, and Red Bank, to name a few. 

If you are looking for a traditional headshot, an executive business portrait, or a branding session, I’ll make sure I capture just the right look. 

What’s a Traditional Corporate Headshot?

A traditional corporate headshot is a business portrait cropped from the top of the head to around the bust area. Headshots are more straightforward; however, that doesn’t mean they can’t make a powerful statement.

The Business Portrait Business

What’s a Professional Business Portrait?

Professional business portraits are more elaborate than a traditional corporate headshot. A business portrait session is often a little bit more detailed, the use of natural backgrounds, clothing changes, and often these portraits are the entire length of cropped three quarters. During these sessions, we usually take a good amount of corporate headshots.

Corporate Headshots

What’s a Branding Sessions

Branding sessions are the new trend. These types of professional business portraits are scheduled to bring more of the personality of the subject out. Many of these sessions are taken outside, and some take them with their pets. It’s a way for their clients and potential clients to see their personality.  

Branded Portrait Sessions

Whether it’s a traditional headshot, business portrait, or branding session, I’ll make sure I capture just the right look. A professional portrait that you will be proud to use on your social media, email signature, company’s website, newsletter, etc. It’s great to see that the corporate headshot business is back and thriving. 

To schedule an appointment you can call (800) 757-3491, email or click HERE to text me. 


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