It’s been a busy year so far, photographing New NJ Executive business portraits. It’s also been a lot of fun. Both new clients and past clients that I have been working for over ten years, it’s always a pleasure helping both businesses and people with their brand. Corporate Headshots have always been both a passion and a fun challenge. The subjects are a wide range of personalities, from introverts to extroverts, confident to timid, are just some of the challenges I have to work with when photography executive portraits.


Corporate Headshot Photographer Rob Wilson

There’s a difference between a corporate headshot and an executive business portrait. A corporate headshot is typically an image that starts a little above your head and ends around mid-chest. A business portrait is often more elaborate. Using the environment, such as your office as the background, is often a way to have your business portrait look different than a headshot. A business portrait can have a traditional backdrop like your headshot, but it’s typically won’t be cropped as tight as a corporate headshot. Examples of this are below. Notice, all more have a portrait feel they are all very much different. Most of our clients, during their New Jersey business portrait session, also have a variety of different pictures taken, including corporate headshots. This is what separates us with our NJ Executive Business Portraits.

NJ Executive Business Portraits

New Jersey Executive Business Portraits

Most of our corporate executive headshots are taken in New Jersey. However, I also travel to both New York and Bucks County. Every so often, I get into Philadelphia. Many of the companies that are photographed have locations all throughout the metropolitan area. Every so often I get a further out of state where I have to travel by plane. Whether you need your team photographed in New Jersey or any other state, I will be able to accommodate you.

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Rob works in the following counties:

Bergen County, Union County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Hudson County, Essex County, Sussex County and the rest of New Jersey