Does the size of your TEAM really matter?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to show off the size of your team. Do you have a large service company by industry standards? Showing potential clients that you aren’t working out of your garage will separate yourself from the other service businesses. Do you have

Are they buying what you are selling?

Never let them see you……………… (Executive Business Portrait Photographers in New Jersey and New York)

Never let them see you sweat.  The fact is that people like to do business with successful people.  It’s that simple and it’s not debatable.  Just because you aren’t at the level you would like to be doesn’t mean everyone has to know.  There are plenty of successful business minded

Marginal Gains over your Competition is often….. (NJ Business Portrait Photographer)

We live in an age where potential clients and employers will see us for the first time through our social media profiles. With email social connectors plugins potential clients will see our profile(S) without any effort. At the bottom of each email on my Outlook (I’m sure Mac has something similar)